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The Olive Oil Fridge Test

Recently the Dr. Oz show claimed that the best way to test the quality of an olive oil is to place in the fridge: if it solidifies then it is good.

This is a myth. According to the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA): “This ‘Test’ (seeing if olive oil solidifies when refrigerated) unfortunately is completely false and misleading”. Different olive oils will solidify at differing times and levels of cold. Detecting fraud is more difficult than just refrigerating or freezing the olive oil.

As stated by the NAOOA: “Almost all oils will become cloudy and eventually solidify at cold temperatures. However, the time and the level of cold required to get to the solidification stage are greatly affected by the overall chemical compounds of the oil. These include the contents of the saturated fatty acid chains, like palmitic or stearic acid, …and other compounds in oil as well as the presence of natural waxes.”

The NAOOA sent the Dr. Oz show a follow-up letter and copy of Olive Oil Times article in addition to social media posts about the fallacy of the “fridge test.”
The show followed up with NAOOA late last week, and has now posted a statement about the “fridge test” under the video segment on the Dr. Oz website:

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