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It’s Safe, Healthy and Affordable to Cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A lot of people today understand that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is good for you. But underlying that simple statement is a world of confusion driven by misinformed reports about whether you should cook with it. In my work as a family physician and public health and nutrition advocate, here’s what I tell people about a subject that has become far trickier than it needs to be.

First, cooking with EVOO is healthy and safe. There is no scientific evidence to the contrary. Olive oil has been the universal cooking oil for the Mediterranean Diet for thousands of years. Given that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the only cooking medium recognized in the traditional Mediterranean Diet, the diet’s health benefits would be inconceivable without its use in cooking and food preparation. EVOO is not only safe for everything from baking and roasting to frying, it is the desirable cooking oil when compared with other choices. This was underscored by a recent study published in the journal ACTA Scientific Nutritional Health, which compared several common types of cooking oil and found that “EVOO has demonstrated to be the most stable oil when heated.”

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